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Hello, my name is Lain, and I am in a band(s) you've probably never heard of (Vampire Lust Parade, and Low-Grade Heaven). I'm just here to give my unwanted perspective of what its like to try to be a part of a scene that no one really cares about anymore. I mean "industrial" is a dirty word now. Is it worth keeping alive? Is it worth playing to a handful of people? I guess together we will both find out.

Public Shaming: Baseball Fans SUPER ANGRY Hispanic American Superstar Sang 'God Bless America' at All-Star Game


Last night was the 2013 MLB All-Star game. Ah, America’s pastime! Who doesn’t love a good baseball game? And what better way to open up America’s game then with a heartfelt rendition of ‘God Bless America’?

And…wait, a minute. Who is this guy coming out to sing God Bless AMERICA?





And this is why I hate sports and most (not all) sports fans. Most of the ones I have ran into have this narrow minded point of view. Sad that after all these years people cant grow up.

Fun way to pass the time tonight. You know what they say about all work and no play…

Fun way to pass the time tonight. You know what they say about all work and no play…

The Ludovico Technique Vs The Vampire Lust Parade

—Dead Inside

The first new material from VLP in almost 10 years. Its un mastered though (by request from the artist) So hopefully you will hear it in all its studio magic glory. If not well, here it is anyway. Enjoy.  Oh before I go please be sure to support

The Ludovico Technique by buying their new cd

"Some Things Are Beyond Therapy" good stuff and Ben V is a cool cat.

This is a taste, if you will, of a remix I did for The Ludovico Technique. This is perhaps the only time you will hear it… Perhaps.


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